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When Agents of SHIELD introduced Gabriel Lunas Ghost Rider in its fourth season the Darkhold served as a major part of the characters ethos. One such show is Agents of SHIELD which featured the Darkhold helping to create the Framework the digital hell that tapped many of the agents into a world where they worked for Hydra.

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Ghost Rider has a peculiar interest in finding the book which means it could be tied to how he got his powers.

Darkhold agents of shield. A spectral cohort name-dropped this terrifying concept from the ABC series source material and it definitely does not bode well for the future. Robbie Reyes uncle Eli Morrow worked for Momentum Labs–the same place as Lucy Bauer and her team– who are now all evil ghostly figures. He was the last one to have it until the Darkholds brief return in Runaways season 3.

WandaVision concluded its 9-episode run last week with Wanda MaximoffScarlet Witch and Agatha Harknesss magical showdown. Its unclear when Agatha actually obtained the Book of the. The WandaVision finale confirms that Agatha has the Darkhold but it looks pretty different from when it appeared in Agents of SHIELD and Runaways.

Aida used the Darkhold to create herself a human body using dark matter and this was felt by Ghost Rider who joined forces with SHIELD. By Madeline Matsumoto-Duyan Published Mar. What is the Darkhold on Agents of SHIELD.

The sudden appearance of ghosts and the introduction of Robbie Reyes aka. The Darkhold was involved heavily in season four of Agents of SHIELD but that show isnt really a full part of the MCU canon in the way WandaVision is. It seems the Darkhold may actually be Conways big contribution to Agents of SHIELD Season 4.

There is however one bit of bad news for Marvel fans. Nathanson and replacing May with a Life-Model Decoy. The design of the MCUs Darkhold in WandaVision is like nothing whats been ever seen before – in fact visually its more akin to the Iron-Bound Books of Shuma-Gorath than to its traditional comic book version.

Not only was that the book rooted in. Over its first four episodes Agents of SHIELD season 4 has introduced two key supernatural subplots. The canonicity of Agents of SHIELD alongside all the other Marvel Television shows Defenders Inhumans Runaways etc has long been a debate amongst fans.

Ghost Rider Gabriel Luna a man who believes he has made a pact with the Devil himself in order to achieve retribution in his personal life. WandaVision director Matt Shakman comments on the discrepancies between his shows Darkhold and the one from Marvels Agents of SHIELD. The use of the Darkhold in WandaVision caught Agents of SHIELD fans off guard because it.

The MCUs Darkhold Is Bad News For Agents of SHIELD. While her actions had been carefully orchestrated by Radcliffe who had also been corrupted by the Darkhold Aida became consumed by a desire to feel human emotions. Living off the promises of Jeff Loeb they fell into the belief that what they were watching played a role in the wider universe and that their events held firm in the MCU canon.

In 2017 after the defeat of Morrow the book was used by Aida and Holden Radcliffe to create a virtual world known as the Framework which was used to trap several SHIELD. While explaining to Wanda the nature of the prophesied Scarlet Witch Agatha reads from her spellbook the infamous. Following Morrows defeat Aidas mainframe became corrupted by the Darkhold killing Nathan B.

In Agents of SHIELD The Darkhold is established as a powerful corruptive magical object. And to a lesser extent The Runaways and Agent Carter both of which existed under the Marvel TV banner before the merge seem pointless. The series establishes Agatha Harkness has been in possession of the Darkhold likely for centuries which essentially makes the storylines involving the book in Agents of SHIELD.

On TV the Darkhold first showed up in Season 4 of ABCs Agents of SHIELD used by a scientist to create some ghosts and tied into the introduction of a new version of Ghost Rider Gabriel. The Darkhold originally appeared in Agents of SHIELD season 4 and played a prominent role in the Ghost Rider plot. WandaVisions New Darkhold Suggests Agents of SHIELD Runaways ARENT Canon.

In Agents of SHIELD it seems that the Darkhold is tied to the origin of Ghost Rider. Its unlikely well ever get a proper explanation as Marvel moves on from Agents of SHIELD and Runaways where the book also featured so the closest we can say is that its probably the same but nobody is ever going to actually mention. And later took the book back to Hell.

The Darkhold has different origins in Agents of SHIELD.

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