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In the comics Thanos actually is an Eternal. Thanos the Mad Titan has not only been hunting down and murdering the Eternals but he has cut them off from being resurrected upon death.

Marvel Reveals That There Is A Connection Between Thanos And The Eternals Avengers Marvel Avengers Film

There they found a newly resurrected Thanos.

Eternals thanos. Thanos Newest Quest Might be His Most Impossible Yet Thanos parents Alars and Sui-San were both Eternals who lived on Titan a moon of Saturn. Since his parents were Eternals this means Thanos should not look as grotesque as he does but thanks to some recessive genes carrying Deviant DNA he was born deformed much like a Deviant would be. Showcase the MCUs Thanos has ties to the Eternals a species of MCU characters that just so happens to have a self-titled movie set for release in 2021.

The only exception is his grandfather Kronos the only Eternal more powerful than Thanos. These are the Deviants the Humans and the Eternals. On top of that but there is a traitor in the Eternals midst one that has enabled Thanos to attack them at home even when theyre supposed to be untouchable.

3 in the works were probably going to learn more about Thanos. Some of Thanos backstory has already been explored in Avengers. Article continues below advertisement.

Endgame together they could have taken down Thanos without any help at all from Earths Mightiest HeroesSeparate groups of heroes battled Thanos on Titan and Wakanda in Infinity War and lost on both occasionsDespite having powerful heroes like Scarlet Witch Elizabeth. The Deviants were beat with an ugly stick the Eternals were pure awesome sauce a. With The Eternals and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

So Thanos is an Eternal and he and Thena are first cousins. The Eternals were absent during round 1 in Avengers. Thanos seorang Eternal Titan memiliki gen Deviant yang menjelaskan mengapa dia punya kekekalan Eternal dan karakteristik fisik Deviant.

Thanos origin story is deeply connected to the Eternals in Marvel Comics and that relationship could translate to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Eternals are celestial beings literally god tier in MCU so it begs to question why they werent in any of the Avengers films especially the last two with Thanos as the villain with a god. But hes a special type of Eternal called a Deviant.

Deviants possess heightened abilities. Their record looks even worse considering Thanos in the comics at least is an Eternal himself of a fashion. Infinity War or Avengers.

Infinity War seemingly chose not to chase down Thanos during the intervening years and then went missing once again during the fateful Avengers. If were looking at the MCU films we know so far that Thanos is a Titan. When the Celestials created life on Earth they created three types of beings out of apes.

When Eternals have kids they other have other Eternals. Infinity War but Marvels Eternals movie could dive even further into his history even though the character was killed off in. Thanos behavior so far looks similar to Deviants which means he probably belongs to the other category of Eternals.

Marvel Comics is a comic book publishing company founded in 1939 under the name Timely Comics. If the protagonists of Marvels Eternals had battled Thanos Josh Brolin in Avengers. The first Eternals trailer hints that a bigger more dangerous villain than Thanos is coming to the MCU.

Thanos carries the Deviant gene explaining why his appearance and nature are so much more twisted than that of his family. Thanos is an Eternal. The Eternals have sporadically appeared in various short-lived comic.

Now in Eternals 2 Ikaris gets the chance to take the Mad Titan head-on. For most of them this betrayal is unforgiveable. While the leader of the Eternals could easily be brought back to life to divulge the identity of his killer Ikaris and Sprite followed a trail that leads them to Titanos the fallen capital of their race of super-powered beings.

According to the comics created by Marvel legend Jack Kirby the Eternals were created one million years ago when the Celestials the effective gods of. According to a section of the Avengers STATION. Inti grup Eternals di komik ini terdiri atas Ikaris Thena Sersi Makkari Gilgamesh dan Zuras.

Thanos himself an Eternal possesses a mutation the Deviants gene that makes him powerful than almost all of the other Eternals. Specifically per in-universe intel provided by Thor Thanos is the last of an ancient and highly sophisticated species known throughout. It took a lot for the Avengers to defeat the Mad Titan including several sacrifices just to ensure that the universe is free from his threatHowever it appears as if not too long after the Infinity Saga wrapped up a brand new villain is lurking in the MCU only waiting for the right.

In the comic books Thanos is an Eternal so we may see actor Josh Brolin reprise his role as the purple villain. According to reports the Eternals film may feature scenes from different timelines since the immortal beings have been around for thousands of years.

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