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But at the time of Winter Soldier he is just a doctor. He could even be one of Nick Fury go-to doctors for an incident like his near death in The Winter Soldier.

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The Winter Soldier hints at one of the next potential Marvel movie franchises in Doctor Strange.

Stephen strange winter soldier. The Winter Soldier was full of references to other characters in the MCU. Stephen Strange MD20 aka Doctor Strange was the Sorcerer Supreme for Earth-61611 Strange was once a brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon until a car accident crippled his hands13 When modern medicine failed him he embarked on a journey to Kamar-Taj in Tibet where he was trained by the Ancient One13 He healed his hands and learned more about Magic eventually becoming a Master of. The scene happened too fast for me to reflect all the names but I think they mentioned.

The Winter Soldier even if only as a. He wouldve turned 40 shortly before FatWS takes place six months after Endgame so about April 2024. As with many of Marvels shared universe films 2014s Captain America.

In The Winter Soldier Sitwell tells cap that Zolas algorithm could calculate if a person would be a threat for Hydra baard of their passed actions including Tony Stark Bruce Banner and Stephen Strange. Turncoat Jasper Sitwell mentioned Stephen. Given the fact that the MCU always entertained the idea of killing a main character in a Civil War or other major crossover storyline Stephen Strange was on the list because he could save said character from certain death.

Winter Soldier Agent Sitwell reveals that. In Captain America. We dont know precisely but we do know that SHIELDHYDRA have been aware of Steven Strange since before Captain America.

How did Sitwell know of Strange and what did Strange do then. Cap interrogates a Hydra agent and he rattles off a list of people who can be threats now or in the future and he names Stephen Strange. In the comics Stephen Strange was the founder and long-time leader of the Defenders a member of the New Avengers and one of the Illuminati a group made of the smartest and most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe including Blackagar Boltagon Tony Stark Bruce Banner Medusa Hank Pym and TChalla.

Over the weekend several fans asked Doctor Strange co-writer C. Project Insight has been compromised and now aims to take out anyone Hydra deem a threat. Doctor Strange Reference Captain America.

The Winter Soldier Stephen Strange is a great surgeon but nothing more. Add this to 27 and in Winter Soldier he was 35 years old. Why is Stephen Strange mentioned in The Winter Soldier.

He wouldve been 39 years then in Infinity War and he got snapped so at the end of Endgame hes still 39 years old. He has no magical abilities or even any belief that such power exists in the world. Robert Cargill on Twitter if the movie is set before Captain America.

Steven Strange and TChalla. People say its cause hes just great surgeon so its understandable that hes on Hydras hit-list but why would Sitwell mention him to Cap alongside also naming Bruce Banner. Stephen Strange first appeared in Marvels 1963 comic Strange Tales 110 and later made his MCU debut in Doctor Strange.

Remember Jasper Sitwell named Stephen. In case you forgot the big twist of Winter Soldier is that Hydra hijacked the entire system and one of the names thats deemed a threat to the evil organization is Stephen Strange before. He then gives a list of people that mightwill be targeted.

After being name-checked in Captain America. The Winter Soldier 2014Movie info. He didnt have any powers yet right.

The latest Marvel Studios release of their Phase 2 group of films Captain America. At the time of Captain America. Nick Fury uses a tranquilizer developed by Bruce Banner to slow his vital signs Tony Stark and his company are referred to on a number of occasions and in one easy-to-miss line SHIELD.

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