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The time traveling Thanos did not. The original Thanos traveled around the universe to find and collect the infinity stones with the help of his sons and daughters.

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Kalau Thanos kulitnya berwarna kuning malah jadi Homer Simpsons ya.

Thanos bruce willis. Or maybe a version of Bruce Willis with terrible indigestion. Thanos looks like Bruce Willis after getting stung by 1000 bees. Di dalam dunia marvel terdapat 6 buah infinity stones yang ketika dikumpulkan akan memberikan kekuatan yang besar kepada pemiliknya.

A new Avengers. Infinity War fan theory posted over on Reddit puts forth the idea that Thanos purposefully avoided Asgard and Odin in his quest for the Infinity Stones. Thanos is bald and thus looks like every single bald guy.

The most prominently featured character on this list has got to be Thanos the Marvel Universe super villain who has been hinted at as a tremendous threat since the very end. The main bad guy is this large purple man named Thanos who looks kind of like Bruce Willis in a way which I found to be confusing because Im assuming that Im supposed to hate the antagonist in this film. People are making fun of Thanos new look in Avengers.

Yang memerankan Thanos sebenarnya Josh Brolin atau Joss Whedon. View Entire Discussion 8 Comments. Raut wajah bengal dan tingkah polah yang selengekan menjadi ciri khas Bruce dalam film tersebut.

Bruce Willis adalah salah satu aktor Hollywood yang dikategorikan sebagai action guyTidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa aksinya sebagai Detektif John McClane dalam film Die Hard begitu melekat dalam kepala para penggemar film action sejak tahun 1988. The logic of Thanos plan is solidif you just dont care about taking billions of lives to get there. Infinity War 2018 Subs Indo.

Hes watching a TV news reporter try to. Infinity War and does it actually set up a plot for the as-yet-untitled Avengers 4Theres a sense in which this was the strangest scene in Infinity WarThanos the Mad Titan caught a glimpse of Tony Starks face and recognized him at. In some ways Thanos is a relatable character and you almost feel for him in certain parts of the movie.

The bad guy isnt just bad. I think this is partly what makes this movie so gravitational. 4 years ago.

Infinity war was amazing but why thanos look like a grape in the sun slowly turning into a raisin combined with the love child. Kevin smith even called him purple Bruce Willis. Josh Brolin as Thanos.

Just how did Thanos recognize Tony Stark in Avengers. Bruce Willis reprised his Unbreakable role as superhuman security guard David Dunn in a scene at the end of the film sipping a cup of coffee in a diner. The deal with Thanos is that he alone is stronger than any other entity in the universe.

Sepaket kalau Thanos mirip Homer Simpsons dia juga bakal mirip Bruce Willis. Thanos juga suka MEVVAH. Fandral 3 years ago.

Infinity Wars ini bermula dengan Thor yang melawan Thanos supervillain yang mengarungi planet untuk mengumpulkan infinity stones. He simply collected the already finished gauntlet and lost because of it. Jika Thanos jadi Luke Cage dia bakalan Bulletproof.

Thanos kinda looks like Bruce Willis. I always thought Bruce Willis was a little old to be playing the son of a Vietnam veteran. Like digitally gluing facial hair onto Thanos face and changing the MCUs ultimate bad guy into a purple-skinned Joss Whedon Bruce Willis and a really buff Homer Simpson among many others.

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