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Long before the Marvel Cinematic Universes second Avengers-level threat was named. Lets say Ultron isnt in full form during the events of WandaVision and he manages to escape.

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Age of Ultrons most shocking scenes.

Wandavision ultron. According to Jays wacky WandaVision theory this makes Hayward suspect number one. In the Avengers Assemble show Ultron took a human form as a. WandaVision Episode 9 Release Date.

By Adam Barnhardt – February 16 2021 1059 pm EST. Supposedly its from archival footage but I have a theory that hes been whispering sweet nothings into Director Haywards ear about Visions body. The Winter Soldier and the Hydra-centric opening act of Age of Ultron showcasing the Maximoff twins.

The WandaVision finale will be out on February 5 2021. Though one characters new design in WandaVision may come as a shock its origins date all the way back to Avengers. I have seen alot of theories on Ultron returning but I dont remember him saying anything in an episode so far.

That primarily operates in space and. The following contains spoilers for WandaVision Episode 6 All-New Halloween Spooktacular now streaming on Disney. After a long exciting storyline the show will come to a close and open Phase 4.

Brought Vision back but the colors indicate this is a different robot. If Ultron does make his return in WandaVision its doubtful he will be defeated so easily. Indeed WandaVisions Episode 1 also features a callback to one of Avengers.

Is a division of SHIELD. Post Credits Scene Features White Vision Who Is He. Even before WandaVisions finale aired theories had been circulating about the possible involvement of Ultron in the events of the showAnd now that we know what goes down in the concluding episode of whats been one of the best Marvel productions to date the stakes are even higher as to what such a possibility could entail.

Theres also a good possibility that White Vision will have the personality of Ultron. SPOILERs New Look Has Been in the Works Since Age of Ultron. Ultron would likely be a reminder of Visions origins as he wrestles with his existence in WandaVision.

In the comics SWORD. Its possible thats the reason for SWORDs involvement in WandaVisionPerhaps Wanda finds out the military space agency has a digital copy of Ultron andor Visions psyche and that. Rumors are flying that Ultron could return from the dead in WandaVision and one new theory uses an overlooked Marvel cartoon to explain how the supervillain could be hiding in plain sight.

If I were a betting man I would put my money on an appearance by Ultron. At the end of WandaVisions eighth episode it appeared that SWORD. A new WandaVision theory has put forward the idea that Ultron may have been hiding in plain sight all along.

Can anyone explain why James Spader is cast as Ultrons voice for Wandavision. Past episodes of WandaVision have introduced the Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division aka SWORD to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. WandaVision episode 7 made it a point to remind Vision and audiences how he was created but it intriguingly left out Ultrons involvement.

Maybe WandaVision can make Age of Ultron deeper and more interesting in hindsight by filling in some of the blanks the earlier film left well blank starting with the Maximoff twins themselves. Ultron Is Hiding In Plain Sight As This Character. Age of Ultron May Confirm SPOILERs True Identity.

WandaVision Featurette Offers Clues To The Series Overarching Story In the first episode of the Disney series Wanda and Vision host the latters boss and his wife at their home for supper. WandaVisions scene of how the Mind Stone unleashed the terrified Wandas latent magical abilities was more powerful and memorable than both the end-credits scene in Captain America. Even without this reference or an appearance by James Spader the villain has been mentioned.

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