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With its healing factor that makes it invincible as well as its skeleton and. Custom Mod Adventure If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device.

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X-Men members come from all over the world in all shapes and sizes with the likes of Wolverine.

X men thanos. Thanos has grand but human motives but Units cool intellect is just waiting to wipe out every living thing and he has infinity in which to do it. Dalam sebuah wawancara dengan IGN Russo Bersaudara itu ditanya X-Men mana yang akan selamat dari jentikan jari Thanos di Avengers. Saya ingin melihat Wolverine yang berani dan termotivasi melawan Thanos kata Joe.

The X-Mens Version of Thanos is Marvels Most Dangerous Villain. Videos you watch may. Thanos kills every X-men in front of Jean Grey with relative ease.

After all Onslaught is an X-Men villain first and foremost but the fact that he nearly killed both factions sets him up to be even more of a menacing threat than Thanos. And for her to reach the villain Wolverine the only X-Men who would have survived Thanos snap in Avengers Endgame according to the Russo brothers is the ideal ally. This guy is intense.

One of the most physically powerful X-Men Colossus is a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to Marvel one villain looms larger than any other – Thanos the Mad Titan successfully gathered the Infinity Stones and. The X-Men are a team of mutant superheroes published in comic books by Marvel ComicsOver the decades the X-Men have featured a rotating line up composed of many characters.

The X-Men are not currently part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but if they were the only X-Man to survive the Snap wouldve spelled big trouble for Than. Wolverine tried to pierce through Thanos chest using his claws but Thanos turned his whole adamantium-based skeleton into rubber using the Reality Stone effectively disabling Wolverine completely. In the classic Infinity Gauntlet storyline Wolverine and Cyclops fought against Thanos but their battles were quite short.

Thanos used the reality stone and turned Wolverine and his adamantium skeleton was turned into spongy rubber. Cyclops the leader of the Xmen and the first Xmen also fought against Thanos but it was no use as Thanos created a block to stop the Cyclopss laser beam by this action Cyclops was suffocating and he was dead. Kedua orang itu menjawab semua anggota X-Men akan mati kecuali satu orang.

Individual members of the X-Men have faced Thanos though. Characters in bold are members of the team as of the present time. Thanos didnt meet the X-Men in the MCU but he took plenty of mutants down with Marvels original Infinity Gauntlet.

Phoenix takes over Jean and then Thanos steals the Phoenix Force for himself. The Stones still exist in the universe and a fan theory says the huge energy burst that occurred when the Stones were destroyed could explain the arrival of X-Men. Infinity War Thanos got the chance to make his way through all the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on his path to claim the Infinity Gauntlet.

A slash between names indicates codenames of one character in chronological order. He would be able to put up a good fight against Thanos and even get close to beating him but he wouldnt be able to keep Thanos down and that would be a problem. X-MEN 8 – X-MEN AVENGERS VS THANOS.

Earth-616 Hated and feared for powers given to them by an X-gene in their chromosomes the X-Men were assembled by Charles Xavier with the dream that one day Mutants and Humans could live together in peace.

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